High Strength AlN Composite Ceramics Materials

Thermalnite Composite Ceramics

We have developed composite ceramics using our core technology, Thermalnite. And by adding Thermalnite, we have succeeded in creating a ceramic substrate that has both high thermal conductivity and high mechanical properties, which was not possible before.

In addition to its high thermal conductivity, this ceramic substrate can be made thinner than conventional products. As a result, thermal resistance can be significantly reduced.


Power modules, which play a fundamental role in power conversion, are indispensable in equipment that handles large currents, such as EVs, data centers, and railroads. It is no exaggeration to say that the performance of power modules depends entirely on their thermal design, as devices become more powerful and compact, and heat generation density rises. In order to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of these modules, it has become an urgent issue to make ceramic substrates with high thermal conductivity and thin walls.