High thermal conductivity composite resin material


To improve the heat dissipation of insulating resin, it is necessary to fill the resin with heat dissipation filler. Conventional technology requires more than 80% filling in order to achieve high thermal conductivity performance. To put it simply, it becomes a mass of ceramics, which is difficult to process and difficult to bend.

Advantages of Thermalnite

Thermalnite achieves high heat conduction performance with only about 20% filling, which is far less than conventional products. Therefore, it is possible to realize light, flexible, and easy-to-process resin that makes the best use of the characteristics of resin.

AlN whisker filler filling pattern

Let’s once again compare the heat dissipation movement by the filling pattern with the conventional (AlN/AlO) spherical filler. The filling pattern is expected to be different depending on the product.