U-MaP, an ” Industrial Materials” venture from Nagoya University, raised tens of millions of yen in a Series A round.

Purpose of the funding

U-MaP is the first company in the world to establish a highly efficient mass synthesis method for AlN (aluminum nitride) whiskers, which are used to fill insulating resins used in electronic devices such as mobile devices and automated driving systems to improve heat dissipation.

Since our establishment in 2016, we have been selling paid samples of AlN whiskers to resin manufacturers and non-ferrous metal manufacturers. To meet the needs we found there, we have raised a Series A funding to accelerate the commercialization of AlN whiskers.

With this funding, we will build a pilot line to lower the production cost and increase the production volume. In addition, U-MaP will strengthen its system for the development of material processing technology and secondary product development. U-MaP is also working to improve manufacturing efficiency by optimizing conditions using AI technology. Using this know-how, we will accelerate the development of processing technology and secondary products.


About “AIN Whiskers”, which U-MaP aims to accelerate commercialization

To improve the heat dissipation of insulating resins used in electronic devices, it is necessary to fill the resin with heat dissipation filler (material). Conventional technology requires more than 80% filling to achieve high heat conduction performance.

Modern electronic devices that are lightweight and compact, yet process increasing amounts of communication and data at high speed, cannot be realized without heat dissipation. Moreover, the “Society 5.0” (*1) proposed by the Cabinet Office calls for further improvement in heat dissipation performance.

The “AIN Whisker” is the solution to this heat dissipation problem, providing high heat dissipation with low content. By filling the insulating resin used in mobile devices and car cooling systems, the internal heat is released, enabling efficient cooling. This makes it possible to reduce weight and flexibility, so it can be used in a wide range of fields, including mobile terminals, automatic driving systems, high-brightness LEDs, and data centers.

*1 “Society 5.0”: A new society in which new technologies such as IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data are incorporated into all industries and social life to create innovation and solve social issues in a way that meets the needs of each individual.

■About U-MAP, Inc.

U-MAP is an ” Industrial Materials” venture from Nagoya University, established by researchers at Nagoya University. The mission of U-MAP is “to provide new solutions to society through technological innovation using the ultimate materials and processing technologies”. Under this mission, U-MaP will continue to create the next generation of industries by turning the technological seeds of the university into industrial products.

Company name: U-MAP Inc.
Representative Director, CEO: Kenji Nishitani
Capital: 26.75 million yen
Business description: Manufacturing and sales of industrial materials and related products
Establishment: December 12, 2016
Head office address: Chikusa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Website URL:

■About Nippon Venture Capital Co.
NVCC is a full-fledged venture capital firm that supports the entrepreneurs and venture companies that will lead Japan’s next generation. The management team are entrepreneurs who have started their own venture companies, and the shareholders are large corporations that are enthusiastic about supporting venture companies. They utilize their networks, experience, and know-how to support venture companies. In addition, they promotes the commercialization of the results of university research and provides multifaceted support for university-related venture companies, producing results in industry-academia collaboration.

Company name: Japan Venture Capital Corporation (NVCC)
Representative: Shuichi Okuhara
Headquarters: 34F Marunouchi Building, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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