We are actively recruiting technical members to launch Thermalnite business!

U-MAP is actively recruiting the following technical members.

【Production Manager】

【Product prototyping and research assistants】

【Accounting Manager】

Those who have the following thoughts and feelings “I want to work on solving energy problems!” I want to change the world with new materials!” If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us using the contact form below. (Please fill out the form below to apply for the following positions.)

<About us>

Our company is an innovative materials venture that aims to solve thermal problems through the social application of fibrous aluminum nitride single crystals (product name: Thermalite), which are the result of research conducted at our Nagoya University laboratory. We will realize new functional materials that can improve the heat dissipation of electronic devices in order to solve thermal problems that cause performance and equipment life degradation of electronic devices. As one of the world’s leading materials scientists, the professor’s laboratory has developed a highly innovative thermally conductive additive for use in materials such as ceramics/plastic/rubber. This material has been patented and is the subject of ongoing research activities, and we have been developing it in strong collaboration with Nagoya University since its inception.

■Advantages of the material

The material has a thermal conductivity up to 4 times higher than that of ordinary thermal conductive additives with only a quarter of the amount of the additive. This technology can greatly contribute to SDGs, EV and 5G next generation industries, and is currently being accelerated for social implementation. Improvements in tensile strength, brittleness reduction, and heat resistance have already been achieved.

I. [Manufacturing Manager]

Innovative material venture from Nagoya University / Production and manufacturing management in the transition phase to mass production ■Background of Recruitment

We are looking to hire a factory manager to manage material production and the entire factory as we start mass production of this innovative heat-dissipating material, Thermalnite.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the manufacturing system, manufacturing equipment management, process management, safety and environmental management, etc., in the mass production of thermalite, and will be expected to drive the business forward in a major way from the position of fab manager of our Seto Plant.

■Job Description

As a venture company, the job contents are diverse. We are looking for someone who can expand and promote the business together with us by working with his/her own hands.

<We are looking for someone who can expand and promote the business together with us by working with his/her own hands.>

・Management of manufacturing equipment and processes.

・Manage manufacturing staff as a factory manager.

・Cooperation with sales and quality managers

・Management of quality, safety, and environment

II. [Product Prototyping/Research Assistant]

3 days/week & short hours available. We are looking for a person who can work on prototypes and research assistance for new materials at Nagoya University.

【The specific duties of this position are…】

・Create samples for prototyping.  Mix resin and “Thermalite(R)” in multiple patterns, pour into a special mold, and solidify.

・Inspection and quality evaluation of samples

We observe the surface and cross-section of the sample and measure the sample using a dedicated measuring machine.  After setting the conditions on the measuring machine, we insert the prototype into the machine and measure its strength and heat dissipation. ・Data input  Input measurement results and experimental conditions into Excel and summarize them.

【Working hours Details】

3 or more days per week on weekdays from 8:45 to 17:30, from 3 hours per day.

Working shifts are negotiable. We will also take into consideration the work hours of other companies.

Short working hours (4 or 5 days per week, morning or afternoon work only, or 6 hours per day) are also acceptable.

III. [Accounting Manager]

Innovative materials venture originating from Nagoya University / Responsible for the promotion of the business expansion phase from planning to execution.

【Specific duties include…】

・Non-consolidated financial statements (monthly and annual)

・Preliminary management (monthly/annual) ・Tax related matters

・Management of the accounting department

The following tasks are expected to arise in the future.

-Audit firm support

-Establishment of disclosure system and preparation of disclosure materials

-Support for general operations in preparation for IPO Summary of Qualifications (Requirements to apply)

At least 3 years of experience in finance/accounting operations Ability to proactively identify problems and set issues.

(Welcome qualifications and experience)

Knowledge and experience in IPO related matters Experience in accounting at a start-up company Experience in accounting in a listed company Accounting experience in manufacturing industry Certified Public Accountant Certified Public Accountant

・Bookkeeping Certification Level 2 or above

*We are looking for a person who Want to take on new challenges